10.8.11 Featherweights Last Show: A review

Well I first want to apologize for the lack of photos that will be here from this show, I was taking pictures of the first band and my flash for whatever reason stopped working. and if you’ve ever been to the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA you know it can get pretty dark in there.

I arrived a little early to the show, before anyone from any band was actually their so I hung out around the corner with some friends, and eventually started seeing a lot of old friends I’ve met from following Featherweight since their start 2.5 years ago. Soon enough everyone was their and bands were ready to play.

**I’m going to try to say a few words about each band to leave room for Featherweight, although I loved every single band on the bill last night**

Risk: a hardcore band from the MVHC (Merrimack Valley Hardcore) Scene opened up the show, according to featherweight they were the first band they were ever very friendly with starting out, great guys great music. Their set was pretty tame, as a lot of people hadn’t arrived yet. Frontman, Brendan Glennon for whatever reason had lost about 80% of his voice, which made for an interesting set ( I made the comparison that he sounded like Kate Winslet in Titanic when she was almost too cold to speak.

After Risk we had Old Gray, an emo band from New Hampshire, I can’t begin to say enough good things about this band, they just play awesome music, awesome personalities, awesome emotion. They’ve only been around since around March or April. Featherweight loves playing shows with them and they love playing shows with them. I remember Cam, their guitar player put it like this “Raph plays guitar, Charlie plays drums and everyone screams”.

Aviator, took the floor next, I can’t say enough about them, they play a type of hardcore I’ve never heard before. I think they were one of the first bands I saw play with Featherweight. Just can’t really say anything more than that, they’re just a band worth checking out.

My Fictions: Once again, another band I can only tell you to see live; talented, sincere, just great people.

Districts: Reunion show, they broke up about a year ago I think, I always remember hearing their name and them being revered as an awesome band, that much was made true to myself last night.


Featherweight, words cannot justify how much emotion was in that room the whole night, Frontman Sean Ahern took a few minutes, before they played, to give a sincere thanks to all the specific people and specific bands that have helped them, supported them or just been good to them, ofcourse thanked his and the rest of Featherweight’s families, and any ex members(whether they were there or not). Victor, the original bass player switched off with Zac, another bass player apart of the band throughout the night. They played their whole first demo, Family Ties and Flooded Eyes which seriously paved the way for the music they presently made. They played songs they never recorded, Sean handed the mic to different people, including myself, throughout the night.

I’ve just never been able to correctly word how much emotion Featherweight puts into their music. How hard they’ve worked to achieve what they have and how much they care about the people around them and the scene they’ve built up. They ended with the song Nightcrawlers off of their summer tour sampler, one of my favorite songs. Some of the most emotional 5 minutes I’ve ever been through.

My stomach hurts from screaming, I have no voice, I’m sore and exhausted, but last night will live in infamy.

Featherweight will be missed by all those who got to experience them. On a bright side, ex-members have made a new band that should be playing shows in the winter, more will be posted soon.


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