Transit start “Fun-Raiser” for Tour Documentary

(via Property of Zack)

It’s no mystery that Transit is one of my favorite bands. I mean I’ve shot them a million times and seen them a million times. Now they’re raising funs for a tour documentary! And they’re not just doing a boring old kickstarter, they’ve started their own fundraiser, except it’s a “Fun-Raiser!”. . . . → Read More: Transit start “Fun-Raiser” for Tour Documentary

Live video of Seahaven performing Honey Bee

Check out this video of Seahaven performing a new song entitled Honey Bee!

Shiny new stickers!

I just got something wonderful in the mail today. Stickers

I’ll have a few of these at every show I shoot, be sure to get some before they’re all gone

Pop-Punk Goes Disney

So there have been some rumors floating around the Internet (okay tumblr) lately about an upcoming pop-punk compilation….of Disney songs. I took this with a few (heaping) grains of salt until tonight. Tumblr user Ashley recently posted a song (listen to it below) and some major major hints about some bands that are going to . . . → Read More: Pop-Punk Goes Disney


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