2/2 Squid the Whale w/ The Composure @ Lisa’s Pub, Indian Head, MD.

Ah, finally. My first update all by myself! Aren’t you proud of me?  This update unfortunately was pushed (way) back due to some personal priorities, but it is finally here! Sorry, you’ll find me to be a bit over-enthusiastic sometimes.

Enough with that, though. I had the privilege of covering a band I never thought I’d be able to see live, and also to showcase some local talent as well. For your viewing privilege, all is behind the cut…




The venue was quite odd for a rock show. The sign outside read “5 bands for 5 bucks.”

On one half of the building, a bar with patrons mostly 40+ discussed how odd “those strange kids” appeared. The phrase, “When I was a teenager…” was heard more than a few times. However, all seemed to welcome this ‘screaming’ music after a few drinks. The other half of the building, presumably built for wedding receptions, was where “those strange kids” were gathering.


The bands to play  that night were Transitions, Lifeblood, Ad Astra, The Composure, and Squid the Whale. The Composure and  Squid the Whale were on an almost two-month long tour together, sponsored by Pup Fresh 


Transitions, a newly formed local metal act were the first to play.

Next up on the set list were Lifeblood, a once-local Christian metal band that has since branched out.

Ad Astra,[lat. for ‘to the stars’] a local melodic alt band were next to play. They had previously been invited by Squid the Whale to open for them at a show in Detroit.

Finally, one of the two touring bands, The Composure took the front.

The final act was, personally, who I’d been really excited to see. (If you read my tumblr at all, you’d have seen that one of my birthday wishes was for Squid the Whale to do an East Coast tour. I was so happy to have my wish granted.)

Check out all the bands mentioned above here:

Squid the Whale

The Composure

Ad Astra



Becki Beckmann

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