3.23.2012 The Barn

The Barn was a nice little venue, provided by a church, in the middle of the woods. It was small, but in a good way. On the other hand it did have a lot of couches, causing the crowd to sit down a lot.

Count to Four, a pop-punk five piece from the Philly/South Jersey area. They were, a little out of place in this show, but still good, if you like a little heavier stuff.


Markets and Dwellers is a nice little slow pick me up after a long day of working hard. They also played an fantastic cover of Sugar We’re Going Down. 

Me Equals You is a band from the Maryland/Delaware area. Doing best with what they have, the have managed to get a gathering of folks since August 2011.

Proginal Son is Orion Moses, from Lancaster, Pa. He put on an awesome solo act where him and his guitar rocked out!

Traveling all over the world, and reporting his travels via song, is Shane Palko. His is the nicest guy that you’ll ever meet, and it shows in his melodies, that he creates.

The Last Dinosaur coming from Newark, De, is the catchy music of this band. They put on an interesting live show, with their synth player rocking out and dancing and the lead guitarist and singer Josh Hensley singing with a deep inspiring facial expressions.

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