ALS Fest

To start off, I would like to apologize to all the bands I didn’t get to shoot today. I was planning on staying for the whole event from beginning to end, but unfortunately I got called into work last minute the day before.

The two bands I did get to see were excellent.

I got to the Wakefield UU, one of my all time favorite venues to see shows at around 2pm, only to find out that bands didn’t start playing until 3:30pm…


The first band that played was Betty Nico, young kids, about my age, I definitely recommend this band, they even ended with a beach boys cover which was excellent.




Next up was Martin Luther King, I only caught a few songs by them because I had to leave half-way through their set. But I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard and hope to see them again soon.





The rest of the photos are posted here on my flickr

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