7.14.11 Harmony Grange/Project Unity Productions with Halle Drive/New County/ Somersault Sunday/Find Vienna/Augustine

Hey, I’m Cody, a photographer photographing the suburbs of Philly and Wilmington šŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy me being here to present some cool shows.

This is Halle Drive, coming from Kennett Square, PA. They are pop-punkish with a pit of spunk and attitude. I’ve seen them quite a few times and did their promos in early March. With their new singer, Tyler Adair from Survive This City, their sound has gone from good to great.

Somersault Sunday, from Philly, an electric pop solo project of Ari Leff’s. Sounding a bit like Owl City but with more deep and meaniful lyrics mixed with some acoustic guitar and some infused synthesizers.

Coming from center city Philly is New County, a party waiting to happen, super energetic and alive. Come ready to party. Seeing them is always a blast with fun party songs like Open Up To Me to soft melodies of Go.


Find Vienna is an indie pop/rock group that is quite entertaining to watch, with lots of movement and energy.


You may know the duo of AugustineĀ , Louis and Jordan, from the hit TV show My Life As Liz. The acoustic folk duo was quite good, and they interacted with the crowd perfectly telling a joke here and there, even asking everyone to sign Jordan’s hot pink cast, jokingly of course.


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