A Loss For Words releasing new acoustic EP

Some late breaking news (via Absolute Punk)

A Loss For Words will be releasing a new acoustic EP tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this) called Return To Webster lake. A link to preorder/order it on iTunes can be found here. This is some very welcome news to me as A Loss For Words is a favorite band and Matty is insanely good acoustically (as their first acoustic EP showed). This EP will feature guest vocals from Taylor Jardine (of We Are The In Crowd) and Evan Pharmakis (formerly of Vanna) and an acoustic version of Hold Your Breath. The album art can be seen below.

Hit the jump for a track listing and a preview of the track Finite (feat. Taylor Jardine)

1. Hold Your Breath
2. Finite (feat. Taylor Jardine)
3. The Hammers Fall
4. Pirouette
5. Raining Excuses (feat. Evan Pharmakis)
6. So Contagious
7. All I Want Is You
8. Soulmate

And as you can see by the below picture you can go and buy this CD from iTunes RIGHT NOW. I’m not totally sure if you will be able to pick this up anywhere else but iTunes but I’ll keep you posted.

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