A Proper Greeting from Tim

Hey! Hi! Hello! Salutations!

Anyway…as Ethan so eloquently put it, I am Tim. As was made abundantly clear, I’m awful at saying a simple hello. But, beyond that, I’m a writer and I love music. And writing. And music again. Sometimes at the same time. Always without pants on.

Favorite artists range from Bon Iver to Death Cab for Cutie to m83 to Nick Drake to The Wonder Years to way too many more to list. I’ll be doing some reviews and discussion on bands here on Two Senses along with whatever else the overlord Ethan would like me to do. Because he’s the boss.

No, seriously, Ethan has a machete to my throat right now, but he’s looking away. Please help me. He’s making me listen to Rebecca Black’s new single remixed by Brokencyde. No man should hear this. Ever. I’m seriously considering letting him just hack my throat up before he hits replay one more time.

Please help me oh my god this is hell,


PS – No, but seriously…Ethan’s a good person and would never use his machete for reasons outside of hucking it at squirrels in his backyard. Man’s gotta eat somehow…

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