Two Senses was started by Ethan Hansen in Summer 2010 and is still growing in Summer 2011.

Two Senses is dedicated to bringing together the experiences of hearing music and seeing live show photography along with sharing the latest in music news. Our staff is below

  • Ethan Hansen (me) – founder, head photographer and editor (Maryland/DC area)
  • Becki Beckmann – Photographer/Writer (Maryland area)
  • Tyler Healey – Photographer (MA/NH area)
  • Cody J Graham – Photographer (PA area)
  • Tim Gagnon – head writer/album and show reviewer (NH area)
  • Harris Ngyun – Reviewer (PA area)

If you would like to submit an album for review on Two Senses please e-mail reviews AT two-senses DOT com. If you have an artist you want us to check out (or you are that artist) then please e-mail artists AT two-senses DOT com. For all other inquiries (or if you’d like to get in contact with the other members) please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at ethan AT two-senses DOT com.



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