Album Review: The Word Alive – Life Cycles


Summary: The Word Alive brings some new aspects to their original sound but otherwise it’s the same TWA that delivers a well-produced album with soaring choruses, and breakdowns that make you want to break a lot of stuff.


The Phoenix Arizona natives have come a long way from originally being a side project of Craig Mabbit (ex Blessthefall, current front man of Escape the Fate). After being taken over by Tyler “Telle” Smith (former Greeley Estates, and In Fear and Faith) they have been another heavy hitter in the metal core genre. They are known for inspirational choruses, and standing up for friends and family, while expressing extreme hatred for those who choose to wrong them. If you want a really good example listen to 2012 from their previous album, or Wish master on this album. This along with the new Memphis May Fire album was one of my most anticipated albums of 2012. So I was more than excited to do a review of this album, unfortunately summer classes and Fourth of July Picnics interfere and I apologize for being a couple days late.


Pros- The album is well produced their choruses soar and their breakdowns hit hard. Truly akin to The Word Alive most of the songs are well put together (very catchy lyrics with intricate and creative instrumental sections). Songs like Dragon spell, Ambitionary, Evolution, and Smoke monster  have some unique synth intros and breakdowns that really set them apart. The drums also stand out very well on this album,  he knows when to let the other instruments shine, but when it’s his turn he rips. This is a band that definitely has found their calling and style.


Favorite songs:

  • Dragon Spell
  • Wish Master(personal favorite)
  • Evolution
  • Hidden Lakes
  • Ambitionary
  • The Conscience
  • Smoke Monster (starts off with an asian theme oddly enough)

Cons: This album is not without it’s faults. The first listen through this album the only thing that really differentiated things for me, were some of the intros as well as some separate breakdowns a lot of the rest just kind of mushed itself together. Don’t get me wrong they are great writers but in my opinion they had a much bigger variety of material on Deceiver.  It is also my impression that Telle uses the same rhythm/phrasing for most of the verses and choruses on this album.


Overall 3.5/5 This album is enjoyable, if you can overlook some of the generic aspects.

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