Album Review: Transit – Listen & Forgive

I have literally listened to this CD over and over again for the past day. Why? First the fact that Transit is easily one of my favorite bands (no really, I know the words to 90% of their songs and have seen them 8+ times). Second is because I am loving the CD more and more with every listen. I could listen to it all day and not grow tired of it. Also I want to learn all the words to all the songs before I see Transit again. Of course that’s not the point of this review.

The point of the review is that you need to go out and pick up this CD when it drops October 4th. At the DC stop of the PMA Tour that Transit was on recently I had a chance to talk with frontman Joe Boynton. During our small talk about various topics (I’m originally from the Boston area and hadn’t seen Transit in a while) the topic of their new CD came up. He said it was going to be a different than their previous releases, a departure from the voracious pop-punk sound that they were known for. And as I’m listening to Listen & Forgive I can see what he means, it is different. But it’s not different in a bad way, in fact it’s different in a very good way. Transit cannot be accused of producing a CD that sounds exactly like their previous full length, that’s for sure (that’s the excellent Keep This To Yourself for those of you playing along at home).

Let me diverge for a second to tell you that For The World is my favorite Transit song. It’s fast paced, emotive and once the ever talented Tim Landers starts singing/screaming you know the crowd is going to get rowdy. If you were expecting Listen & Forgive to contain songs along the same lines you will be mistaken, but you will be pleasantly mistaken. The “pop-punk” sound that Transit had perfected in their previous releases is a bit more subdued in Listen & Forgive; conceding to a more indie rock sound and slowing things down a little bit. But the raw emotion is still there as it has been with Transit all along and through the album shows no signs of stopping. I guarantee that there will be pile-ups and gang vocals a plenty from the crowd when Transit hits the road again on October 6th. The boys really know how to write a song, Joe Boynton knows how to sing them and Tim Landers know how to lend his amazing backing vocals (on a side note check out Misser, Tim’s solo project).

In short I am in love with Listen & Forgive. Sure it’s a bit different from Keep This To Yourself and earlier releases but in, like I’ve been saying all along, a very good way. This is an album that you need to pick up and listen to immediately when it drops October 4th whether you are a die hard Transit fan or just getting into them. You won’t be able to stop listening and then you’ll tell your friends about the album and they won’t be able to stop listening. I know this album is going to be my weekend soundtrack. Did I mention there is a new version of 1978 on Listen & Forgive? Cause there is.

Not to mention this album will provide teenagers with perfect facebook statuses for weeks to come. The downside to the lyrical greatness of Transit. I mean who can resist posting lyrics such as “Find me again like a rusted bike in your backyard. Pull me up from the debris, I’m covered up in dust and leaves” from the song Listen & Forgive or pretty much every line of Long Lost Friends. I mentioned the new version of 1978 which might some view as sacrilege as the original version off their acoustic EP was just plain great. When I started the review I didn’t think highly of the new version but as I finish the review (a couple of hours and plays later) it’s starting to grow on me. I must also say hearing the full band version of Over Your Head came as a bit of a surprise because I was so used to the acoustic version that they played in Boston in May.

Now a “must listen” on the album? That’s going to be a bit tough because I love all the songs on the new release. However saying that all the songs are must listen is a bit of a cop out. I’m going to have to go with The Answer Comes In Time which is a bonus track on the physical version. So you’ll have to buy a physical version of the CD to hear it or be a horrible person and download the CD. Okay, I’m kidding with the horrible person part, downloading is starting to become part of the scene. So if you download the CD go see Transit and support them by buying a t-shirt and then get in the crowd and sing along. Though as I listen to the album more I’m finding it’s a tie between The Answer Comes In Time and Over Your Head.

Listen & Forgive is out everywhere October 4th. You better be lining up outside your local record store to nab a copy because it’s not something you want to sleep on.

Check out Transit on Facebook and pre-order the album here and hit the jump for a photo of Transit in Washington DC and the album art

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