August 2011’s “Get Stoked On It” – Scan The Sky

We’ll admit it: Massachusetts is pretty awesome. Ethan Hansen (this kid here that started and takes band pictures for Two Senses…kind of needed an excuse to post that picture) and I are originally from the Bay State and, although we’ve split to Maryland and New Hampshire respectively, our Mass love is forever undeniable. Other than being the home to one of the nation’s most beloved and simultaneously hated baseball teams and fans in America (oh, and we have some other pretty cool teams that also win us trophies and stuff), the Mass punk and pop punk scene have become breeding grounds for current scene heroes like Transit, A Loss for Words and the always bearded Four Year Strong. Like Long Island back in the day with early emo/punk music, the Worcester, Boston, and general Massachusetts area have become a holy ground of sorts for bands hoping to break big nationwide. Scan The Sky, originating out of Southern Mass, are a band that seem pretty content with just making good pop-punk music and playing basement shows in the area for now. With their new EP, Redemption, the band calls to mind bands like early Yellowcard (sans the violin) and A Day To Remember (sans a large chunk of the Cookie Monster screams and breakdowns) while making a sound of their own and, in some ways, of Massachusetts. We sat in super awesome bean bag chairs (no, we didn’t) to chat with Scan The Sky’s guitarist and songwriter Paul “Falcon Punch” Falcone about the new EP, Massachusetts, and uncomfortable situations with couches and toilets. The interview and introduction to Scan The Sky continues after the jump…
1. Explain how Scan The Sky came together as friends and as a band in a tweet’s length (140 characters or less). You may use incorrect grammar to keep it short. GO!

Paul – STS formed from the ruins of a few other local bands and with all of us being really good friends already, the band came together quite easily.

Editor Note: 143 characters. The Twitter gods aren’t pleased, but it’s passable.

2. What does the name Scan The Sky mean to you guys? 

Paul – The name actually was thought of by our drummer Devin Laplaca while he was sitting on the toilet… It’s just one of those cool sounding names with not much meaning.

3. You guys haven’t even been a band for a year and you have a name-your-price EP on Bandcamp. Explain how a normal day of recording would go during the making of the EP? Would you say you guys are crazy productive or just worked on it since you became a band late last year?

Paul – Recording for the EP is a lot of fun, and we had a great chance to work with Ian down at the Echoroom in Uxbridge, MA. He really knows his stuff and its just an experience words can’t really describe.

4. Would you say you guys have a horror story from touring yet? Any flat tires or really bad shows you’ve had to play in this band or past bands?

Paul – Luckily, we have had no horror stories yet and we hope to keep it that way as long as possible. Probably just jinxed us there.

 5. Being a Massachusetts band that’s pretty close to the Worcester pop punk scene and around the Mass music scene in general, how would you describe the music fans/community around here?

Paul – Massachusetts is one of the best states to be in if your a band. The fans we have are awesome and even when people don’t know us, it’s still one hell of a crowd and we love it here.

6. Best show you’ve ever been to in Massachusetts? Best show you’ve ever played in Mass?

Paul – The best show: August Burns Red, A Day To Remember, Enter Shikari, and Silverstein. Our best show (so far) was at the VFW in oxford w/ The Hotel Year, All Set, Its An Attack and a couple other bands.

 7. What are Scan The Sky’s plans for the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012?

Paul – We plan on learning and writing the rest of our CD by next year, and with 3 more songs already written and more on the way, our full length will be something to look out for by next year.

 8. Finally, in what could be the most crucial question, if you could give each other specialized awards (i.e. Best Beard Grower, Worst Basketball Player, Most Ladylike, etc.), what would each of your awards be?

Paul – We have one nickname for our guitarist, Caleb. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say there was him, his girlfriend, and a couch. And now his nickname is Couch.

Mucho thanks and burrito magic go to Paul and the kind gents of Scan The Sky for chatting with us. Check out their new EP, Redemption, which is up on Bandcamp for however much you want to pay for it. But seriously, buy it. Even a buck. Make poor kids with instruments smile.

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