Basement Reveal Title and Artwork for 2nd LP

UK indie rockers Basement have released the title and artwork for their 2nd LP, Colourmeinkindness. It is being produced by is being produced/recorded by Sam Pura and will be released this fall on Run For Cover Records.

Basement is playing Sound and Fury Festival then touring America (July 20-Aug 9)with Dead End Path, Daylight and Soul Search. Check out the album art and tour dates after the jump.

Jul 20 Sound & Fury Fest Santa Barbara, CA

Jul 21 Sound & Fury Fest Santa Barbara, CA

Jul 22 Sound & Fury Fest Santa Barbara, CA

Jul 23 East Side Joes Las Vegas, NV

Jul 24 Aladdin Jr’s Pomona, CA

Jul 25 Pioneer Santa Cruz, CA

Jul 26 Branch Street Sacramento, CA

Jul 27 The Holland Project Reno, NV

Jul 28 Salt Lake Foursquare Salt Lake City, UT

Jul 29 The Blast O Mat Denver, CO

Jul 30 TBA Oklahoma City, OK

Jul 31 1919 Hemphill Dallas, GA

Aug 01 The Mohawk Austin, TX

Aug 02 The Firehouse Birmingham, AL

Aug 03 No Control Savannah, GA

Aug 04 Transitions Art Gallery Tampa, FL

Aug 05 The Talent Farm Pembroke Pines, FL

Aug 06 Buro Bar Jacksonville, FL

Aug 07 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC

Aug 08 Shaka’s Virginia Beach, VA

Aug 09 Planet Trog Allentown, PA

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