Breathe Electric, For the Foxes, Symphony of Sound, Fight From the Kid, and Dan Asroft @ The Chameleon Club

Okay, let me start off by saying that the Chameleon Club is awesome, and probably my favorite venue that I have been to.

First set of the night was Dan Asroft, usually just him and a guitar, he had the help of some friends to play tonight.



Up next was Fight From the Kid, coming from Harrisburg this pop rock has an original sound to them with singer Derek Alan’s voice.



Symphoney of Sound from Lancaster, PA is an indie rock group that has a nice sound that just makes me want to shake my head.


Emerging from Jersey, For the Foxes have their own way of delivering pop rock with use of a ukulele and acoustic guitars, plus the usual instruments.


Coming all the way from the Chicago area, Breathe Electric is the name of Grant Harris’ music project. Pop/Electric is what he plays, with mammoth strobe lights and a fog machine. His music is a dance party waiting to happen.


Unfortunately, I had to leave after Breathe Electric’s set, so I missed Cash Cash


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