August 2011’s “Get Stoked On It” – Scan The Sky

We’ll admit it: Massachusetts is pretty awesome. Ethan Hansen (this kid here that started and takes band pictures for Two Senses…kind of needed an excuse to post that picture) and I are originally from the Bay State and, although we’ve split to Maryland and New Hampshire respectively, our Mass love is forever undeniable. Other than being the home to one of the nation’s most beloved and simultaneously hated baseball teams and fans in America (oh, and we have some other pretty cool teams that also win us trophies and stuff), the Mass punk and pop punk scene have become breeding grounds for current scene heroes like Transit, A Loss for Words and the always bearded Four Year Strong. Like Long Island back in the day with early emo/punk music, the Worcester, Boston, and general Massachusetts area have become a holy ground of sorts for bands hoping to break big nationwide. Scan The Sky, originating out of Southern Mass, are a band that seem pretty content with just making good pop-punk music and playing basement shows in the area for now. With their new EP, Redemption, the band calls to mind bands like early Yellowcard (sans the violin) and A Day To Remember (sans a large chunk of the Cookie Monster screams and breakdowns) while making a sound of their own and, in some ways, of Massachusetts. We sat in super awesome bean bag chairs (no, we didn’t) to chat with Scan The Sky’s guitarist and songwriter Paul “Falcon Punch” Falcone about the new EP, Massachusetts, and uncomfortable situations with couches and toilets. The interview and introduction to Scan The Sky continues after the jump…

July 2011’s “Get Stoked On It” – Emily’s Army

The “high school Battle of the Bands” band.

It’s a right of passage for music fans and musicians alike. For the musician, it’s usually the first “real band” you formed. You’re 13. You learned power chords and a few covers. If you were a little ahead of your years, you may have pieced together one awful song that rips a Sum 41 chorus off blatantly. And then you play the show. From there, the only direction is up and the adrenaline rush of playing live in front of people actually paying attention is the selling point. For music fans, we all endure a handful of memorably awful high school bands. They come in many shapes and sizes, including but not limited to “the metal band covering Megadeth and Attack! Attack! in one set”, “the pop punk band that use church words when they cover explicit Blink 182 songs” and, of course, “the awkward kids that somehow completely ruin Green Day’s ‘When I Come Around’ for all time”.

Hearing the fact that the mean age of Californian pop punk act Emily’s Army rests right around sixteen years old brings the memories of past Battle of the Bands crawling out of the back of the mind as awkward as they were back then. But the Army doesn’t deserve lumping into the high school power chord crowd like most, as is evident by us crowning them our “Get Stoked on It” band of the month title. Maybe it’s the fact that they have the talent to write sounds akin to “When I Come Around” in their blood (drummer Joey Armstrong is the son of Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong) Or maybe it’s the simple fact that their debut record, Don’t Be A Dick, already mixes the band just fine into the Warped Tour scene with their sunny punk meshing bits of Green Day influence with modernized lyric work and quick wittiness. Now featured on Spin Magazine’s website and touring much of the US this summer (tour dates posted after the interview), the band have completely proved their ground not only as young musicians related to renowned veterans, but as a punk band trying to make their name just as big (if not bigger) than their forefathers.

Two Senses recently chatted with the band’s singer and guitarist, Cole Becker, about Don’t Be A Dick, Jack Black movies and touring in the middle of nowhere.

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