Acoustic Music Video – The Wonder Years – Living Room Song

The Wonder Years have released a rather unique acoustic video for their song Living Room Song. Check it out below and tweet Soupy that eating with your mouth open is rude!

Music Video: Reactions – The Missing

Check out the new music video from Reactions entitled The Missing below and check our their new EP on iTunes here

Check it out. If you dig it pick up the album!

Basement Reveal Title and Artwork for 2nd LP

UK indie rockers Basement have released the title and artwork for their 2nd LP, Colourmeinkindness. It is being produced by is being produced/recorded by Sam Pura and will be released this fall on Run For Cover Records.

Basement is playing Sound and Fury Festival then touring America (July 20-Aug 9)with Dead End Path, Daylight and Soul Search. Check out the album art and tour dates after the jump.

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Music Video: Seaway – Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

Us in the States may give our neighbors to the north some grief every once in a while for Justin Bieber but there is more to the music scene up there than him. Take Counterparts for example! They’re from Ontario and they rock.

Speaking of things from Canada that you should check out (including Niagra Falls) here’s the new video from pop-punk band Seaway. Sure the party music video is a tired and true method but this is a pretty good take on it and the song is catchy as hell! Though the opening riff sounds exactly like one from Dynamite Shovel by The Wonder Years. I have no idea if that is intentional or not (though the rest of the song doesn’t). Check these dudes on facebook and buy the song here.

Did I mention they’re from Canada?

Seriously, check these dudes out.

The GK Tour

Okay, I’ve been really busy lately so this mini write up of The GK Tour is a little bit late.

If I can sum up the GK Tour in one word: amazing and sweaty. Okay, two words. By the end I was setting profusely and was covered in more than a few bruises even though I was just taking photos at the show. Aside from some bumping around I had a great time. First up was The Story So Far; a band I have really gotten into recently but had never seen live. Well I saw them live this night and while they weren’t as energetic as some of the other bands (not a lot of movement) they were still very good live. A few stage divers and a crowd surfer or two and a good mix of old and new and they were done. Will see again.

Next up was one of two Boston area pop-punk bands on the tour: A Loss for Words. I’ve seen these guys a bunch of times and they never fail to deliver. Matty (the lead singer) was really into it. Every song bouncing around the stage, jumping, giving the mic to people in the crowd; just what I’d expect from them. At one point he even jumped off the stage (there were no barriers) and right into a crowd where a circle of die hard fans sang their hearts out around him. At one point the mic was lost in the crowd and someone crowdsurfed right into it; annoying a few fans who weren’t used to pop-punk shows apparently. At the very end Joe Boynton of Transit came on stage and did some guest vocals with AL4W. This is a pretty common occurrence when they tour together; though usually it’s the other way around. All in all, great set.

Next up was my favorite band on the tour: Transit (sorry TWY fans). Yes their sound has changed over the past year though I’d say it has become more evolved, more mature. While I still enjoy the harder hitting older albums their new sound is still something that I can enjoy over and over again. Anyways. Transit beat out A Loss for Words and The Story So Far in terms of crowd intensity; not to be seen again until The Wonder Years took the stage. Mic grabs, stage dives, crowd surfing, angry finger pointing, you name it. Transit really knows how to put on an amazing show. They did something this evening that I have rarely seen them do: they jumped. Like yeah Tim will pogo up every once in a while and Joe will bounce around stage but very rarely will Transit get any air. The first time I saw them do it was during the Holiday show in December. Not negative, just very interesting. At the very end they played Stay Home (you know, keep running, keep shining on) and Matty came on stage to do guest vocals. The crowd went nuts (as usual) and Joe ended it with the infamous two finger point into the air which he usually does for Please Head North. Overall my favorite set but only because I love Transit so much.

Next up was Polar Bear Club; which is a band I don’t listen to very much but I really should. Energetic is an understatement for Jimmy Stadt, the lead singer. Bouncing around stage, into the air, swinging the mic cord all around. All while wearing glasses; even Joe takes his off when he plays. Jimmy really got into the crowd, rarely being away from the front of the stage. I wasn’t really a huge fan of PBC before hand but their live performance certainly changed my mind on that.

Last, but certainly not least, was the band that everybody was there to see: The Wonder Years. I shot about half of the first song from the crowd and then decided to scurry away to the balcony to finish shooting the set. This was a very good idea as I was getting some dirty looks from the girls in the crowd who didn’t seem to notice my big honking camera and that I was there in a semi-official capacity. As usual they were insane live and the crowd was in turn quite crazy. Their fans go a little bit crazy, crowd surfing during every single song, singing along to every song (though I did this too). The highlight of the night was a friend of mine crowd surfing with a bag of Sour Patch Watermelons and giving them to Soupy during Won’t Be Pathetic Forever. Speaking of older songs they did play a mix of old and new though Soupy was not very keen on taking suggestions from the crowd.

Overall I throughly enjoyed this show, even if it was a last minute decision on my part to go. If you missed the GK Tour then you missed out. A gallery can been seen after the jump and more photos can be seen here.

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Joe from Transit crowdsurfs on a boogie board

As some of you are (well) aware Transit is easily one of my favorite bands and has been for a while. They are playing Warped Tour this year and I am incredibly stoked to go see them when Warped hits Maryland.

You should see Transit as well and stay for their entire set whether you listen to them or not. They have such an insane amount of energy and are very very good live. Want more reasons? Check the video below. Joe (the lead singer) straight up crowdsurfs and stands on a boogie board during Stay Home. And Matty of A Loss for Words joins in for guest vocals.

New A Loss For Words Video – Raining Excuses

New video from Boston pop-punkers A Loss For Words has dropped. Watch it below and see if you can spot the special guests

The Waiting Room Presents: Misser

Let me make one thing clear: Transit and Misser are two of my favorite bands these days. And you need to check out both of them.

Below is a link to watch a live session of Misser (featuring a very special backing band) on Alt Press. Once I get a video up I’ll post it here but I don’t want to tread on their toes.

Check this out

Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day: Enter Shikari Covering “Call Me Maybe”

This one doesn’t need any description.

Well except for the fact that you need to watch it right now. Then show all your friends

(via NME)

A Loss For Words releasing new acoustic EP

Some late breaking news (via Absolute Punk)

A Loss For Words will be releasing a new acoustic EP tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this) called Return To Webster lake. A link to preorder/order it on iTunes can be found here. This is some very welcome news to me as A Loss For Words is a favorite band and Matty is insanely good acoustically (as their first acoustic EP showed). This EP will feature guest vocals from Taylor Jardine (of We Are The In Crowd) and Evan Pharmakis (formerly of Vanna) and an acoustic version of Hold Your Breath. The album art can be seen below.

Hit the jump for a track listing and a preview of the track Finite (feat. Taylor Jardine)

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