Modern Baseball Premieres “The Weekend” Music Video

The clip was shot at “Michael Jordan”, the bands house in Philadelphia and various parts of the Lehigh Valley and was directed by Kyle “Bubba” Thrash and edited by Eric Teti & James Bourdieu.

You can check it out on Property Of Zach at or hit the jump for the video!

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I Am King covers Lights (originally by Ellie Goulding)

Not exactly my kind of music but check it out!

Fall Out Boy are back together

Yup, it’s true. We all doubted Property of Zack but it’s true.

Regardless of my views on their albums after From Under The Cork Tree I’m pretty stoked for this. Oh and they’re releasing a new album (called Save Rock and Roll, out in May) plus a North American tour. Dates and a link to the single (presented without comment) are below. You’ll be seeing me at the DC date.

Get stoked

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Live Video: Cowabunga – Cherry Cola

Acoustic Music Video – The Wonder Years – Living Room Song

The Wonder Years have released a rather unique acoustic video for their song Living Room Song. Check it out below and tweet Soupy that eating with your mouth open is rude!

Music Video: Reactions – The Missing

Check out the new music video from Reactions entitled The Missing below and check our their new EP on iTunes here

Check it out. If you dig it pick up the album!

Music Video: Seaway – Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

Us in the States may give our neighbors to the north some grief every once in a while for Justin Bieber but there is more to the music scene up there than him. Take Counterparts for example! They’re from Ontario and they rock.

Speaking of things from Canada that you should check out (including Niagra Falls) here’s the new video from pop-punk band Seaway. Sure the party music video is a tired and true method but this is a pretty good take on it and the song is catchy as hell! Though the opening riff sounds exactly like one from Dynamite Shovel by The Wonder Years. I have no idea if that is intentional or not (though the rest of the song doesn’t). Check these dudes on facebook and buy the song here.

Did I mention they’re from Canada?

Seriously, check these dudes out.

Joe from Transit crowdsurfs on a boogie board

As some of you are (well) aware Transit is easily one of my favorite bands and has been for a while. They are playing Warped Tour this year and I am incredibly stoked to go see them when Warped hits Maryland.

You should see Transit as well and stay for their entire set whether you listen to them or not. They have such an insane amount of energy and are very very good live. Want more reasons? Check the video below. Joe (the lead singer) straight up crowdsurfs and stands on a boogie board during Stay Home. And Matty of A Loss for Words joins in for guest vocals.

New A Loss For Words Video – Raining Excuses

New video from Boston pop-punkers A Loss For Words has dropped. Watch it below and see if you can spot the special guests

The Waiting Room Presents: Misser

Let me make one thing clear: Transit and Misser are two of my favorite bands these days. And you need to check out both of them.

Below is a link to watch a live session of Misser (featuring a very special backing band) on Alt Press. Once I get a video up I’ll post it here but I don’t want to tread on their toes.

Check this out


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