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Aggressive, Visceral hardcore punk, a group of four kids just graduated from Highschool, these kids seriously pack a punch with their music, every note they play is honest. They seriously change the mood of the room they’re playing in. Being young you would not expect much from them, but they’ve played with some big acts over the past few years, Misfits, Nekromantix to name a few. On a personal note I can also say that they are 4 of the nicest, sincere kids I have ever met.


“Featherweight is a emotive hardcore band from north of Boston, MA. We play a blend of punk, taking influence from various screamo and progressive hardcore bands. We try to capture the opposing forces we’re all pulled towards everyday, and we channel our passions through our music, lyrics, and art. Every song is about the struggle to find moderation in a world of extremes, the gray between the black and white. We’re on a search for the ever elusive balance between chaos and order, love and lust, personal responsibility and societal duty, remembering and forgetting, past and future, fate and free will. We’ll probably never capture all of this in our music, but this is our fight and we won’t quit without trying.”


My fictions is an experimental hardcore band from Lowell Massachusetts. Awesome dudes, seriously.




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