Keep This To Yourself release show

Featuring Koji, Such Gold, Daylight, A Loss for Words, Title Fight and Transit. Click on the photos to go to the flickr galleries or go here.

If you were to use one word to sum up a show with this line-up it would be intense. Or for Koji: meow. Let me preface this little write-up by saying that this was probably the best show I have been to all summer. And I am sure those of you reading through (and I apologize if you used google to get here as it is not on the first page by a long shot) this article then you will agree.

The first band to go on was Koji. Not so much a band as a man with an acoustic guitar and the energy of an entire band. He got the audience to meow along the “guitar solo” in one of his songs. He’s also a wicked nice guy and you should check him out.


After Koji came the amazing (as always) pop-punk band Such Gold out of New York. Their energy was immense and the crowd loved every single second of it. Being a Such Gold fan I was singing along as I was taking photos. I also also trying to avoid the stage divers and the falling amps. They closed out their set with a cover of the Saves the Day song “You Vandal”.

Such Gold

Next up was Daylight, a band that I must confess to not having heard of before this show. However, now that I have seen them live I would recommend them! Even though the lead singer was sick they still put on an awesome show.


A Loss for Words was a late, but very welcome, addition to the show after Hostage Calm dropped (or they were the “special guest” that was to be announced). A Loss for Words is one of my favorite local bands right now and are hometown heroes. Any time AL4W is in town the crowd is guaranteed to be into it. I cannot recommend these guys more.

A Loss for Words

The first time I saw Title Fight I was injured almost immediately by a stray foot. This was of course all my fault as I was near the pit when Memorial Field started. The intensity Title Fight brings to the stage is almost unbelievable and is rather hard to capture in pictures. You really have to go to a show to experience it. Which is me saying you need to go to the Title Fight show closest to you.

Title Fight

The same goes for Transit, another one of my favorite local bands. You really need to go to a Transit show to really experience them. That is if you can dodge the stage divers and don’t mind being buried under loyal fans. I think it is a worthy risk to take to experience these boys live. You should also go buy their new CD: Keep This To Yourself which is out on Run for Cover Records


Hands down, best show of the summer. It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. For those of you wondering who the person behind the site is I was the one wearing the Transit shirt taking pictures on the stage. My contact info is on the about page.


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