Music Video: Seaway – Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

Us in the States may give our neighbors to the north some grief every once in a while for Justin Bieber but there is more to the music scene up there than him. Take Counterparts for example! They’re from Ontario and they rock.

Speaking of things from Canada that you should check out (including Niagra Falls) here’s the new video from pop-punk band Seaway. Sure the party music video is a tired and true method but this is a pretty good take on it and the song is catchy as hell! Though the opening riff sounds exactly like one from Dynamite Shovel by The Wonder Years. I have no idea if that is intentional or not (though the rest of the song doesn’t). Check these dudes on facebook and buy the song here.

Did I mention they’re from Canada?

Seriously, check these dudes out.

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