Pay What You Can Fest

Formerly known as No Fights Fest 4 this annual summer concert in Worcester, MA has been renamed to Pay What You Can Fest. You need to go to this. It’s July 30th and 31st and starts at noon each day. A message from the promoter (Greg McKillop) is below

I’m tired of overpriced local shows. These two days have a lot of kickass bands from both new england and all over the country.
It is technically a free show, if you want it to be, but we are asking for a $1-$10 dollar donation to help pay the touring bands. Please spread the word as much as you can, put the flyer up as your default picture, on your tumblrs, whatever.

No one will be turned away, but please try to pay what you CAN, not what you WANT. Support local music, lets prove this model can work. If you do not have any money, bring a bunch of friends. If they dont have money, bring even more friends, etc.

There are so many bands I can’t even list them here but you can check out the event page here and the show poster below. You do not want to miss this. I’ve attended two No Fights Fests and have loved every second of them. You need to go to this now.

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