Rebecca Black to release new single

Yes you read that right. Infamous YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has decided that she hasn’t been harassed enough about making music that causes my dog to howl. Along with this single, entitled My Moment, she is set to release a five track EP. Don’t lose your faith in the music industry just yet, she’s self releasing it so no label has to bear the shame. Thankfully we’ve still got a few more days before the single drops on her YouTube channel. Yes that’s right, her YouTube channel. I guess she wants to get harassed by YouTube commenters. If you’re feeling particularly self-destructive you can also check it out on her website. To quote from there:

The My Moment video features footage from Black’s real life including her last day at her junior high school, her attendance at movie premieres and her recent hosting gig at MTV’s Online Music Awards, to tell the story of her sudden rise to fame.

Oh boy. You’re in one Katy Perry video and everything goes to your head.

If you’re itching to hear the single you’re going to have to wait until FRIDAY FRIDAY Monday at 8pm and the new EP isn’t coming out until August. Coincidentally the date for the end of the world got suddenly moved up to Monday. If you really want to see a preview image you can hit the jump.

Her life must have a pretty low budget because they all look to be using kit lenses. That one dude has a super bright flash though.

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