Rebecca Black’s new single: My Moment

Looks like pre-teen popstar who really shouldn’t be a popstar has released her new single entitled My Moment. It’s all about how them haters who hated on her for Friday are all wrong and she’s just a normal girl and WON’T YOU JUST GIVE HER THE MOMENT SHE DESERVES. However it’s better than Friday. If you really want to watch it and possibly cause the apocalypse then look below. The video is so meta it’s not even funny and mixes footage from at least three different camera systems (I spied a RED One and what looks like a 7D) and yet it’s still in only 360p on YouTube.

When your music video shows you filming the music video (or another music video) things get a little bit goofy stupid. And her date looks far too young to be in a limo. Once I make it through the video fully without laughing I’ll write up a little breakdown/review.

On the plus side: it’s not Friday, it’s pretty decently produced and she can actually dance it seems.

There is actually very little to say about this song/video in a negative sense. Sure it’s a bit overautotuned but so isn’t everything these days. I might not like the pop genre but this has the makings of a solid pop song…even if it is done by Rebecca Black. And it’s self produced so you have to give the girl some credit.

The goofiness of the video is a little over the top though.

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