Review :: The Dangerous Summer – War Paint

I hold a little bit of trepidation around the music of The Dangerous Summer. Whenever a band rises in the alt scene with such fervent, cultish adoration as TDS pulled with their debut full length, 2009‘s Reach For The Sun, I find disappointment easy in the over-hyping. In the case of the Maryland pop-punkers, I saw potential in Sun, but no need for uproar quite that soon in their career. On their sophomore effort, War Paint, the band built their sound greatly, but still don’t fill the hype built up around them. Tracks like single “Work in Progress” sure as hell make a strong case for their worship, hitting as hard as anything off Brand New’s Deja Entendu with singer AJ Perdomo’s rasp taking it to another level in the chorus. TDS also expand on their niche of mature pop punk (think The Graduate) with tracks like the guitar hook-heavy “Miscommunication” and the title track revealing the band’s penchant for bleeding heart lyrics. Their downfall though, as I found with Sun, is the album bleeds together with only a few standouts. TDS aren’t necessarily a bad band by any means, just not super memorable at times. The fact of the matter though is they’re making large strides with their sound and it wouldn’t surprise me if I get blown away with their next release.


Final Score: 3.5 out of 5

Recommended Tracks: “Work In Progress”, “No One’s Gonna Need You More”, “Miscommunication”

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