Single of the Week – The Vaccines

It’s been a few years now since surf rock and chillwave (my personal list topper for “worst genre name of all time”) have become a mainstay in the hearts of indie kids, Pitchfork readers and casual music fans alike. Vampire Weekend burst out in 2008 with a debut record determined to be the soundtrack to your imaginary beach house on Cape Cod. Acts like Wavves and Best Coast took it a step further in 2009, combining surf pop with the fuzziness of shoegaze. And in 2010, artists like Washed Out brought chillwave into the world with even fuzzier vocals and ethereal sounds and beats lost at the bottom of your pool. The Vaccines aren’t bringing anything too revolutionary to the mix with their debut record other than ongoing fun and music demanding night drives and beach trips. But, seriously, isn’t that all that’s needed for summer music? Their album, perfectly titled What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, lays out punky pop jams at Tokyo Police Club speeds with competing wit and catching hooks. Try getting the chorus of “If You Wanna” out of your head on first listen. It’s impossible and you’re gonna be humming it for a week or two. One of the album’s best songs happens to be the shortest, clocking in at a minute and thirty eight seconds. “Norgaard” is a 50s beach dance party in a song, coming with jangly guitars and singer Justin Young commanding with a Morrissey-esque swagger and sense of self-deprecation. The video adds to the good time as the band cavorts with an incredibly beautiful model. What can you expect from The Vaccines? If the album and videos are any indication, a really boisterously good time.

“Norgaard” by The Vaccines

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