Some quick thoughts on the Transit CD release show

To sum it up in one word: amazing. I would have to say that it was probably the best show I have been to this summer and I have been to quite a few. Granted the venue was in the basement of a church, was badly ventilated and packed to hell. Not to mention the stage wasn’t exactly very big and I was shoved off to the side taking photos.

But the experience made up for it. Every single band put on an amazing set and in true Massachusetts fashion the crowd was absolutely insane. I’m talking moshing, stage diving, piling up, rushing the stage, singing along to almost every single song. Everything that makes a pop-punk show better than any other show. Blood, sweat and water mixed and even I was sweating by the end of the night. Actually, I was sweating after the first band to be honest.

While I’m working through the photos you should really check out all these bands: Koji, Such Gold, Daylight, A Loss for Words, Title Fight and Transit. Seriously, if you like pop-punk you will not be disappointed. Koji really isn’t pop-punk but he’s an awesome guy that plays acoustic and has the audience meow the other parts of the song (no joke, I have a video).

Pictures will be up soon hopefully.


PS: Such Gold covered Saves the Day. I hope someone got a video

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