Some updates!

Things are starting to change at Two Senses, but for the better. I’ve brought on a few people to help me out with reviews and covering shows; I can’t be everywhere at once.

Our current staff roster is as stands:

  • Ethan Hansen (me) – founder, head photographer and editor (Maryland/DC area)
  • Tyler Healey – Photographer (MA/NH area)
  • Cody J Graham – Photographer (PA area)
  • Tim Gagnon – writer/show and album reviewer (NH area)

You will be able to tell who posts what because the Author shows underneath the post. For example the photos from the Touche Amore show were taken by Tyler and any photos taken by me have the distinctive Two Senses watermark. Other photographers will have their work watermarked with their name and Two Senses.

If you’d like us to check out your music don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail and I’ll make sure that Tim gets a hold of it to give it a listen!

Like something? Don't like something? Leave it below!


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