Taylor Eby rejoins Handguns

Former Handguns vocalist Taylor Eby has rejoined the band after four months away. A statement from Taylor (via Alt Press) is below. I, for one, am quite stoked about this

“As many of you know, I parted ways with Handguns back in July due to personal reasons. It felt like the touring . . . → Read More: Taylor Eby rejoins Handguns

Man Overboard debuts music video for Montrose

One of my favorite Man Overboard tunes Montrose now has a music video associated with it! Check it out below!

. . . → Read More: Man Overboard debuts music video for Montrose

New Blink-182 song Up All Night released

Want to listen to the brand new blink-182 song? Of course you do. You can listen to the track Up All Night below. It sounds a bit more like AvA than blink-182 but it’s worth a listen seeing how it’s their first new song in almost a decade.

. . . → Read More: New Blink-182 song Up All Night released

Transit to release album details soon

Transit has posted on their Facebook page that they will be releasing the title of their new album soon. They are currently in the studio finishing up tracking and will be done within the week.

Transit reveals new merch!

Transit posted on their facebook page a picture of two new merch items that will be available at Bamboozle and the shows leading up to it. If you are going to Bamboolze pick these up! My photo is on the short sleeve and you should support Transit.

Check out their facebook page for more information.

. . . → Read More: Transit reveals new merch!


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