10.8.11 Featherweights Last Show: A review

Well I first want to apologize for the lack of photos that will be here from this show, I was taking pictures of the first band and my flash for whatever reason stopped working. and if you’ve ever been to the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA you know it can get pretty dark in there.

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Featherweights Last Show. Ever

Feather weight is an emotive hardcore band from north of Boston. Being a band for two years, they’ve accomplished a lot, Northeast and Midwest tours, running a D.I.Y. venue out of front-man, Sean Ahern’s basement. Opening for bands like Touche Amore. Along with seriously caring about the people and music they surround themselves with.

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Hello! Thank You! & Shows!

I am so excited & grateful to be the latest addition to the Two Senses team!

I’ll be covering the Touche Amore show w/ Featherweight, Aviator, Ghost Thrower, With Words on Sunday

The event page and more information is here



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