Modern Baseball Premieres “The Weekend” Music Video

The clip was shot at “Michael Jordan”, the bands house in Philadelphia and various parts of the Lehigh Valley and was directed by Kyle “Bubba” Thrash and edited by Eric Teti & James Bourdieu.

You can check it out on Property Of Zach at or hit the jump for the video!

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Music Video: Reactions – The Missing

Check out the new music video from Reactions entitled The Missing below and check our their new EP on iTunes here

Check it out. If you dig it pick up the album!

Music Video: Seaway – Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

Us in the States may give our neighbors to the north some grief every once in a while for Justin Bieber but there is more to the music scene up there than him. Take Counterparts for example! They’re from Ontario and they rock.

Speaking of things from Canada that you should check out (including . . . → Read More: Music Video: Seaway – Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

New A Loss For Words Video – Raining Excuses

New video from Boston pop-punkers A Loss For Words has dropped. Watch it below and see if you can spot the special guests

Transit Releases New Song/Video

Transit just put up a new song, “Long Lost Friends”, and a video of them playing the song in their Danvers, MA recording space. Definitely digging their new direction in sound and definitely think this’ll go down as one of my favorite Transit songs. The video can be found here via Rise Records’s Youtube page . . . → Read More: Transit Releases New Song/Video

Paramore releases new music video for Monster

Paramore released a video for their song Monster, which is the first video after the departure of Josh and Zac Farrow. You can see it below. While I have not seen the new Transformers movie yet (in which this song is featured), I am guessing this is the only good thing in that movie.

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The Story So Far release music video for Quicksand

One of my favorite up and coming pop-punk bands these days, The Story So Far, have released a video for Quicksand off their new release Under Soil and Dirt. Check it out below.


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