Transit Releases New Song/Video

Transit just put up a new song, “Long Lost Friends”, and a video of them playing the song in their Danvers, MA recording space. Definitely digging their new direction in sound and definitely think this’ll go down as one of my favorite Transit songs. The video can be found here via Rise Records’s Youtube page . . . → Read More: Transit Releases New Song/Video

Single of The Week – m83

Synthy music has practically always been in my blood. As some dads threw Springsteen and Led Zeppelin at their kids, my dad chose to bring me up with the likes of Styx, Journey, ELO and various other ’80s arena rock worship. With the synths swirling around on Styx’s “Come Sail Away” and the arena rock . . . → Read More: Single of The Week – m83

Rebecca Black’s new single: My Moment

Looks like pre-teen popstar who really shouldn’t be a popstar has released her new single entitled My Moment. It’s all about how them haters who hated on her for Friday are all wrong and she’s just a normal girl and WON’T YOU JUST GIVE HER THE MOMENT SHE DESERVES. However it’s better than Friday. If . . . → Read More: Rebecca Black’s new single: My Moment

Rebecca Black to release new single

Yes you read that right. Infamous YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has decided that she hasn’t been harassed enough about making music that causes my dog to howl. Along with this single, entitled My Moment, she is set to release a five track EP. Don’t lose your faith in the music industry just yet, she’s self . . . → Read More: Rebecca Black to release new single


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