I Am King covers Lights (originally by Ellie Goulding)

Not exactly my kind of music but check it out!

Show Review – iDobi Meltdown Festival

I suppose I should start this review with a bit of disclaimer: before I went to this festival I didn’t really listen to most of the bands on the billet. I mean I listed to a few Diamond Youth songs here and there, I know a handful of I Am The Avalanche songs, I know . . . → Read More: Show Review – iDobi Meltdown Festival

Alexisonfire Confirm Farewell tour

(via PropertyOfZack)

Well this makes me happy. One of the bands I am a pretty big fan of broke up before I got to see (or photograph them).

But never fear! It has been confirmed by Wade McNeil (in a tweet you can see below) that Alexisonfire is doing a farewell tour.

More info when . . . → Read More: Alexisonfire Confirm Farewell tour

Touche Amore at Rockos

This show couldn’t have had a greater line up. Although I’ve heard more negative things about Rockos, I can certainly disagree with the negative remarks and only have positive things to say about this place. Good space. Good sound system. Good people running it. (Ethan’s note: the only thing that bugs me about Rockos is . . . → Read More: Touche Amore at Rockos

Free Silverstein show in Downtown Toronto

Are you Canadian? Do you like Silverstein? Do you like free things?

GREAT! Then hit the link below for directions for Silverstein’s free show in Downtown Toronto today


And it’s all ages!


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