7.22.11 The New Monarchy Tour (The Pleasure w/ Big Big Plans, and more

On Friday, it was The Pleasure’s CD release show, and the kick off show of their “The New Monarchy” Tour


The GoAround, coming from West Chester, Pa, is a three-piece alternative rock who even though at the time didn’t use a drum set, and just a bongo-like drum, they were still very active.


Coming all the way from Baltimore is Me and This Army. They were an awesome and energetic group, with singer, Courtney Hargrove, having one of the most unique voices that I have heard.

Voted Most Random, came down all the way from CT to play this show. Ian, the lead vocalist, was all over the place with their truthful and insightful lyrics.


The Last Dinosaur from Newark, De is like a mix of Owl City and Amely. They have quite a bit of energy and emotion to put you on your feet.


Eric of Big Big Plans, was represent Big Big Plans all by himself as an acoustic set. It was alternative with a twist of acoustic pop-punk.


The Pleasure, one of the biggest local bands in DE (That isn’t hardcore/metal), who have been on WSTW’s Hometown Heros. They are rad dudes, with a way of putting things in an optimistic view.


The New Monarchy Tour Dates:

Jul 24 | Lebanon, PA @ The Lab
Jul 25 | Boston, MA @ All Asia
Jul 27 | Newport, RI @ TBA
Jul 28 | Westport, CT @ Toquet Hall Teen Center
Jul 29 | Brooklyn, NY @ Party Expo
Jul 30 | Butler, NJ @ Architekt Live
Aug 1 | Fairfax, VA @ The Old Firestation
Aug 3 | Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
Aug 4 | West Chester, PA @ Fennario’s
Aug 5 | Seaford, DE @ TBA
Aug 6 | Vineland, NJ @ Fuel House Coffee


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