Touche Amore at Rockos

This show couldn’t have had a greater line up. Although I’ve heard more negative things about Rockos, I can certainly disagree with the negative remarks and only have positive things to say about this place. Good space. Good sound system. Good people running it. (Ethan’s note: the only thing that bugs me about Rockos is the fact that the lighting there sucks)

First band of the night was Aviator, a hardcore band with members hailing from New Hampshire and Boston. Not being my first time seeing Aviator, I had high expectations that were greatly fulfiled. They played two new songs that have yet to be recorded. I HIGHLY suggest you check them out.

Up next was Featherweight, an emotive hardcore band from Northshore, MA. I’ve watched this band grow since their first show last year, and they certainly have matured as a band significantly. They played a short set with the songs off of their summer tour sampler. After their guitar player Tim’s guitar stopped working, he immediately jumped down from the stage, grabbed the mic and started screaming the words, making the best out of the worst situation. Oddly enough,  he got a nose bleed too.

Then we have With Words, a post-hardcore band from Chicopee. Although I had never heard of them before this, they certainly were a talented group, with some funny antics thrown in. At one point they made everyone in the venue sit down, as they built up suspense and finished off their set.

Finally, before Touche Amore, we had Ghost Thrower, an emo/punk band from Boston. They played a tight set and certainly new what they were doing. They did little talking between songs to ensure a longer set.

Last, but certainly not least, we had Touche Amore, open with the first track off their new album, Tilde. Instantly there was a rush of energy and crowd participation. They took little time between each songs to talk, ofcourse taking time to thank all the bands that played and thank everyone for coming out. They played songs off both PTSBBAM and …To the beat of a dead horse. Ending off, with my personal favorite song, Honest sleep. I had to put my camera down for this one and sing along. All in all, an incredible set by an incredible band.


This show was certainly one of the best I’ve been to this summer, so far.

The rest of the photos from this show can be found here

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