Transit Acoustic Show

Before I left Massachusetts to find my fortunes in Maryland I attended one final hometown show. On a warm but rainy May day in downtown Boston one of my favorite local bands Transit played an acoustic show in a very unique location. They played on the sales floor of the Levis store on Newbury street. The store wasn’t very big and the show was free so it got pretty tight rather quickly as the time drew closer for Transit to perform. To much applause Joe Boynton, Tim Landers and their new guitarist Torre Cioffi squeezed out of the back room where they were. They thanked the crowd, cracked a few jokes and started to play.

They played fan favorites such as For The World and Stay Home but peppered in songs from their acoustic EP and Keep This To Yourself .

Joe and the boys gave the crowd a welcome surprise by doing a Lifetime cover and also playing some new songs for the crowd off their upcoming CD (which incidentally is coming out this September). Needless to say the crowd was quite happy and quite a few people took out their video cameras and recorded the cover and new songs.


Look at all those people!

Transit actually played three sets that evening to give the people coming in from the rain late a chance to hear them play. Between sets the Levis employees provided free pizza and beer if you were 21. At the very end of the evening, as Transit was finishing up, the crowd began to yell out last song requests. The one that everybody wanted was Stays The Same and after a little cajoling they complied. Everybody in the store sang along, I bet anybody walking by was a bit confused. Even though it was my last show in Massachusetts, at least for a good long time, I’m glad I got to spend it with friends and see one of my favorite bands.

If Transit plays near you, I wouldn’t recommend you go and see them. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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