Transit start “Fun-Raiser” for Tour Documentary

(via Property of Zack)

It’s no mystery that Transit is one of my favorite bands. I mean I’ve shot them a million times and seen them a million times. Now they’re raising funs for a tour documentary! And they’re not just doing  a boring old kickstarter, they’ve started their own fundraiser, except it’s a “Fun-Raiser!”. Check it out here and read a statement from the band below.

We came up with a cool idea… We want to put together a tour documentary to give our fans an inside look at all the insanity that happens on the road and share the experience with all of you.

In order to ramp up the excitement-factor, we decided to basically pimp ourselves out and do a bunch of crazy things – while capturing all the footage. What’s even better is that you can be a part of some of them (see the options below).

We also put together a “Best of Transit Thursday” digital download with 10 of the best Transit Thursday covers (chosen by our fans) which is included in every single price option below. We plan to use the money we raise to help fund the documentary, and also to buy beer. Kidding… but not really.

There’s an option to choose five songs for an upcoming show, I’m thinking of chipping in a hundred bucks for a chance to hear some old Transit songs (like xFTWx five times)

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