Trip Report: Photoshop World Expo

Now this is a little bit of a deviation from what I normal because it’s not live or promotional music photography…though it does involve music photography.

On March 25th (on suggestion from Christian) I ventured into DC to attend the Photoshop World Expo (which was free that day). After getting a little lost I managed to make it to the convention center on 7th Ave where the Expo was being held. When I navigated my way to the area where the expo was being held I was met with quite a sight. I spied Adobe demoing Lightroom 4 and scurried on down.

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I did a fair amount of wandering around, bouncing from booth to booth. I found a crowd of people around a model who was lit expertly and decided to join the herd and snap a few photos myself. Portraits are not my thing but I gave it a shot.

After doing a fair amount of wandering I stumbled along a rather unexpected booth. The Lens Bracelets booth. With Adam Elmakias himself standing there. For those of you who don’t follow music photography Adam is one of the more well known music photogs, especially for his work with A Day To Remember. Needless to say I did not expect to run into him here. After chit chatting for a bit I followed him over to the Nik Software booth where his presentation convinced me to actually buy software for once. Seriously, I almost never buy software anymore since I’m all set with Lightroom and I bought that ages ago.


After his presentation I decided to do a little shooting around the Lens Bracelets booth, both for my own practice and to get some shots for Adam. Quite a few people were confused as to what the purpose of them were and once they found out that you just wore them proceeded to walk away. Though for the most part the booth was popular and quite a few people stopped by. Including Nick DiNatale, another music photographer I knew who happened to be in my Boy Scout troop long ago. Check his work out, you won’t be disappointed.


Around 5pm the Expo finished up and I ended up going with Adam and his booth mate (who’s name I forget annoyingly enough) to grab lunch with Nick and his friends. We ended up going to a Five Guys Burgers and Fries (I recommend this) and just ate and hung out there for a while. We ended up parting ways after giving Adam directions to the nearest movie theater (Chinatown, right down the road).

All in all it turned into a pretty solid outing as I got to meet a music photographer I look up to and see an old face from the past. Hopefully I’ll be seeing both Adam and Nick on this years Warped Tour.


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